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  1. September, Amber Alyrt, Fisher Bridge, Wolcott, VT
Ok one more.
  2. "Every time I come across a covered bridge, I now expect to see drag queens."

     - a friend told me this yesterday
  3. The ever still, ever gracious …

    May, Miss Toni, Waterloo Bridge, Warner, NH

  4. April, Lady Sabrina, Wright’s Bridge, Newport, NH

    This was a tough shoot. We first started shooting in front of the bridge, because it was dawn and there wasn’t much light. I didn’t really like any of the photos we were getting from outside. Luckily, my assistant Tim had a flashlight on him. That and a reflector was just barely enough to shoot what you now find in my calendar.

    Anyway, ROTFLMAO with these gifs. Too much.

  5. April, Lady Sabrina, Wright’s Bridge, Newport, NH

    You don’t know how much fun it was to shoot with Lady Sabrina, and making these gifs. I can’t help but LOL.

  6. I guess that SOME art IS supposedly offensive.

    An admirer of my Drag Queens & Covered Bridges of New Hampshire 2014 Calendar shared some of his thoughts to me, and I just loved this line he sent me:

    "Personally, I don’t find any art to be offensive. But I guess if you believe in Jesus, and you are a cowboy, and/or a red-neck, then I guess that SOME art IS supposedly offensive."

    I guess so too. I’m sharing this, I think, because I went to a gay support group the other night, and a member asked if I had sent calendars to those whom denied me permission to shoot on their bridge. No I haven’t. The idea never crossed my mind, but of course, why haven’t I? 

    Well, those calendars are going out in the mail tomorrow. And the owners of Clark’s Trading Post and Barlett Bridge will understand what they missed out. They missed out sharing to the world some very beautiful things you can find in New Hampshire.